Thursday to Saturday 26th to 28th June 2014: Follow the Herring Grimsby Minster

The Meridian Singers choir from Louth was proud to be invited to be part of a national touring project combining theatre and visual arts. The Customs House and Guild of Lillians, based in South Shields, presented “Get up and Tie your Fingers” to appreciative and enthusiastic audiences.

The “Follow the Herring” tour focused on the fishing communities up and down the east coast and the part the women played in gutting, salting and packing the herring into barrels as it was brought ashore by the men from the tight knit villages. Set against the real storm in Eyemouth in 1881 that sent 129 gallant fishermen to their watery graves, this production told the tale of three courageous women who were deeply affected by the disaster and included original songs performed by local women’s choirs in 12 venues up and down the east coast.

Thank you to Michael, Barbara and your wonderful choir for all the hard work and dedication that goes into producing such a beautiful sound.