Saturday April 16th, Oundle Festival of Music and Drama

The excitement was palpable and the adrenalin running high as we participated in our very first Music Festival today. From our opening song ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ in the Show Songs class, to our last number, ‘Goldfinger’ in the Part Songs for Women’s Voices’ class, we performed in a way that left us feeling proud and eager to progress. And YES! As Michael had suggested, after singing ‘Colours’ the choreographed ‘silence’ at the end of this innovative piece was successfully achieved. The wow factor of the piece was then rewarded with tumultuous applause from a most appreciative audience. The Adjudicator’s comment was, ‘You rose to the challenge of this piece so well and enthusiastically. There must have been a lot of preparation, but it came off and was convincing’. The Meridian Singers were delighted to be awarded double commendations for their performances at this prestigious event, and gained second place in the class for women’s choirs. Thank you Michael and Gill for giving us these innovative challenges and for giving us the skills and confidence to perform them. The Adjudicator, John Ponphrey’s comments also recognised us as ‘such an enthusiastic group of singers and this was evident from the moment you came on’. Furthermore, he said that it was, ‘a really good, confident performance throughout’ with ‘excellent unison singing’. Once again we had a day full of friendship, mutual support and enjoyment and we were left with the thought ‘Again please!’.