Saturday March 24th Oundle Festival of Music and Drama


Once again, excitement and anticipation were evident as we participated in our second Music Festival today. From our opening song, ‘The Silver Swan’ in the Part Songs for Women’s Voices, to our last number ‘Seasons of Love’ in the Show Songs class, we performed with enthusiasm and sensitivity.

We achieved the most tumultuous and prolonged of applauses when we sang an impassioned and exciting rendition of ‘Libertango’ by Astor Piazzolla. We rose to the challenge of singing such an unusual piece of music performing with determination and attitude!

The Meridian Singers were delighted to be awarded double commendations for their performances at this prestigious Music and Drama event. Our thanks go to Michael and Gill for giving us the skills, musical knowledge and confidence to perform this varied and demanding programme of songs.

The day also had an emotional and ‘sad’ element as we said our final poignant ‘goodbye’ to Michael who is about to begin a new venture in life. We are all indebted to his musical talent, his enthusiasm, his skill in empowering us to reach so many musical heights and of course, his unique sense of humour! You will be very much missed Michael.

We are looking forward with renewed excitement and anticipation as our new Musical Director, Susan Bortolot Neal, joins us for our next rehearsal on Tuesday. We extend her a very warm Meridian welcome.